Box on the roof: choose it correctly

Modern types of leisure activities often cause the purchase of the box on the vehicle roof. A variety of models allows you to do it enough simple, but it is important to know the basic principles of good choice of such accessory.

Box on the roof

The driver must be clear for what and how intensively box will be used, based on which, we should pay attention to the following parameters:

Internal space of the box is a bit less, than external dimensions, which you should take into account buying a box for snowboarding or skiing. It is necessary to acquire the box at least 5 cm larger than the required length of sports equipment.

If you wish to buy the box with respectable size it is permitted overhang of 20-30 cm above the windscreen, which will not interfere in the management of the vehicle.

The average load capacity is 50 kg, but there are instances, which can withstand up to 75 kg. But it is necessary to proceed from the technical characteristics of the vehicle and the permissible maximal lift.