How to adjust 8th LED headlight

Guys welcome to my landings was a corny hope that today we’re going to talk about how to adjust the light beam angle on our 810 LED headlights but there were actually working with the eighth general you have lights 9005 single filament or so working with the IBM application of the 2015 Honda accord. I’m so let’s go to show you the issue that we’re referring to. First off. When you install the bold as you can clearly see the diodes on our site appear there on an angle the most part the way our product is designed you need to have the diets facing left and right so that we lighting is distributed properly inside his.

LED headlightsAnd that will pretty much get you the proper angle that it should be. So let’s go to show you that the issue we’re talking about. The lighting on the left is clearly are bold. It can only have. The ride is a. A little. Was that just a. I was going to show you know just. Basically. Demonstration purposes growing up. But. Real careful guy. Okay so once you have the balls out of there. Your case you have over your hands what you want to do first is locate the truck. Chuck is a court disappears the book that’s going to have a little slot which it houses a screw that will secure the truck. You have to loosenthat part up in order for you to be able to adjust the angle. Now if you loosen that part up and it’s still too time does not allow you to just hit the heat sink base headlights.

Screwed on real tightly to prevent the Chuck from loosening up. She may have to loosen up the heatsink bases well in order to freely adjust the lighting angle. So let’s go to not insert the until now get for demonstration purposes we’ve already tested this before just so we can clearly see how theEnglish should be. Once that’s loose. You should be able to freely. Adjustable. Already so which said it to the. Mark. We’ve made on the bolts that were one no. How it should be. And once you’ve secured the charts you want to test and make sure okay as you can see it’s still moving a little bit on why anyone.

Just make sure that part is nicely secured so it’s not moving around it’s inside the headlights assembly. Already so once that’s really don’t even want to insert the boat back into the. Housing the same. Bear with me guys. Go. Not much space to work with already does it. Now let’s go to show you how their position absenteeism. You can see Now they’re aligned properly diodes are on the left and the right side inside the assembly so light will be omitted fromthe sides reflect and go forward. So let’s go out and show you what it looks like when you activate the application. But we get so lost that we include received and.

Already says you can see now there’s more of a long. The angle of the line. And it’s almost the same level as the college. Now they still love you may need to play with it more than once. May have to make more than one adjustment. That’s pretty much it for 3 guys take you so much for watching and stay tuned for more details tricks when upgrading.