The main error in the purchase and installation of auto glass.

installation auto glassThe first and most stupid mistake buying a windshield – buy the cheapest car glass.
The second and no less fraught error – an attempt to establish a car glass without special equipment or outsource it to a not qualified installer.
After replacing of the much broken or nipped glass you should change the brush (wipers), non-compliance with this rule may lead to a very rapid rubbing of your new glasses.

Immediately after the glass mounting does not place any object between the glass and the panel (passes, TO, calendars) – This action may lead to a breach of the adhesive sealing (since complete hardening of the glue 24 hours.), and later to the whistle or water ingress.

After installing the glass do not just leave because even the fastest glue gaining 60% strength only an hour after installation.

After installing the rear car windows it is not necessary with the rapid movement of the car to open the side vents – this can lead to a rear window extrusion of the wind flow within the interior.